Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe Review

A small and easy to access rifle safely. But good value???

This is a gun safe, or probably more accurately a gun cabinet from the well-known manufacturer of biometric safes Barska.

It is a small cabinet that ideally holds 4 weapons but realistically probably less.

The Barska quick Access biometric rifle safe is a tall and narrow rifle safe, or more accurately a rifle cabinet, designed and manufactured by the well-known manufacturer of biometric safes, Barska.

It is claimed by Barska to hold up to 4 rifles and the internal shelving has barrel rests for 4 rifles, however as is usually the case users often claim that this capacity is overstated.

Of course, this depends on the size of your rifles and other things such as whether or not they are equipped with a scope.

It comes with the shelving which includes the barrel rests and a small shelf on top of the rifles which would be handy for storing ammo or a small collection of jewelry or documents, or a handgun.

There is no doubt that it is very quick to access, and lives up to its name in that respect. Being biometric it recognizes fingerprints and will store up to 120 fingerprints of users who have inputted their fingerprints into memory.

It takes seconds to open, and seconds is sometimes all you have when you need quick access to your rifles.

In fact, Barska claims an opening time of three seconds. And Barska also claims that the 4 AA batteries which are required to run the sensor and lock should last up to 2 years in normal use.

The unit is not particularly heavy, and we always recommend fixing your security cabinets to a solid point in the house, either to a wall or the floor or both. Fortunately, this cabinet comes with mounting points and hardware and it is not difficult to mount.

Insider tips

Whilst this cabinet makes a loud beep each time it is opened it is quite possible to program the beep out so that it opens silently if you wish to do so. That might be extremely useful if you have a burglar in the house and want to go to your weapons quietly.


1 year limited warranty

Summary and user reviews

It’s important to understand that you are not buying a safe when you buy the Barska biometric quick access rifle safe. You’re buying a cabinet that will keep out the kids, but not a determined burglar.

Provided you understand that then you’re getting reasonable storage and security for the price. It is quick opening without the doubt.

Make sure, however, that it is securely fastened to something solid.

Of course prices for the Barska rifle safe vary. Click here to find the best price